Cyfr lets you communicate on your own terms.

Explore new and fun ways to express yourself.

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Cyfr Features:

Create Your Own Lingo

Make your communication fun, social and simple to understand with your own lingo! Cyfr lets you create and share your own unique language with your friends and family.

Uncover Hidden Messages

Add hidden meaning to any message with pictures, punchlines and Emoji for your friends to discover!

Stand Out from the Crowd

Turn your phone into a billboard, and Dazzl everybody around you with your message!

This message will self-destruct in...

Have fun with friends sending messages that quickly disappear once they are opened using Self Destruct!


Cyfr is the only app that rewards you for something you do every day. The more you chat, the more achievements you collect.

Personalized Deals & Offers

Earn or save on all the cool things you want in life!

Group Chat

Chat with groups of friends like never before! Name your group, add friends mid-chat and leave whenever you want.

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